Day & Night K-9 Camp

The goal of Camp Ruff-N-More is to provide a safe, clean, energetic environment to help your dog stay as young and fit as possible.

If you’re looking for a fun, exciting, and healthy day for your favorite four-legged friend, then Camp Ruff-N-More is the place for your happy camper!

We encourage you to come by and check us out or call our Johnson City location (423)929-7833 (RUFF) or our Kingsport location (423)288-7833 (RUFF)

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Caring & Trained Staff

Camp Ruff-N-More is a locally owned and operated business. Our camp director – Cory Gulson, has been working with dogs for most of his life. Cory opened the Johnson City camp in 2006 and then the Kingsport camp in 2011. Our kind and compassionate staff are well-trained in the care of dogs.

We are more than a typical kennel – we are a daycare, very similar to a daycare you might take a child to. That means your dog isn’t locked up all day, they’re out playing with other dogs and people. It’s a great opportunity for puppy socialization, and wonderful for dogs who love to play.

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