Holiday Schedule*

*50 percent deposit on all holidays. No refund on deposits without a 5 day cancellation notice.

Spring Break  |  Memorial Weekend  |  July 4th  |  Labor Day Weekend  |  Fall Break  |  Thanksgiving  |  and Christmas.

Day Care Charges *
For One CamperFor Two CampersFor Three Campers or More
Half Day (Up to five hours from the time you drop off)$11.50$18.40(+)$6.90
1 Day Pass$23$36.80(+)$13.80
5 Day Pass$110 ($22/Day)$176(+)$66
10 Day Pass$210 ($21/Day)$336(+)$126
20 Day Pass$400 ($20/Day)$640(+)$240
30 Day Pass$570 ($19/Day)$912(+)$342
Overnight Charges
Cabin$3.00 per dog
XL Cabin$5.00 per dog
Jr. Suite$6.50 per dog (Only available in Johnson City)
V.I.P. Suite$8.00 per dog
Additional Services
One on One Time$10 (15 min)
Medication Fee$1 (per dog/per day)
Bathing Charges
Dogs 1-15 lbs$12
Dogs 16-30 lbs$14
Dogs 31-50 lbs$16
Dogs 51-75 lbs$18
Dogs 76-100 lbs$20
Dogs 100 lbs and up$24
Nail Trimming
Nails only$18
Bath + Nail Combo$3 dollar discount


* Additional Info

  • Daycare passes can be divided into half days
  • Additional campers are 40% off the daycare price and then overnight charges apply per dog.
  • Daycare passes will only cover the day charge. The overnight charge is separate.
  • We require a 50% Deposit for Peak Season stays. Canceling within 5 days of the reservation forfeits the deposit. (Ask to find out the exact dates)