About Camp Ruff-N-More

Camp Ruff-n-More is more than your typical kennel. We are a daycare, very similar to a daycare you might take a child. That means your dog isn’t kenneled all day–they’re out playing with other dogs and our caring staff. It’s a great opportunity for puppy socialization, and wonderful for dogs with limitless/lots of energy. The dogs are separated by size and temperament, so we can give your dog the best time we can!

We start the day at 7am on weekdays and 8am on the weekends. We wake up all our boarders and start accepting daycare dogs. By 6pm we have all the daycare dogs picked up and start getting the boarded dogs ready for their overnight stay.

The goal of Camp Ruff-n-More is to provide a safe, clean, and energetic environment to help your dog stay as young and fit as possible.

We also offer boarding for our Campers. Boarding dogs get the exact same treatment as daycare dogs, the only difference being they spend the night in one of our three options.

If your looking for a fun, exciting, and healthy day for your favorite four-legged friend, then Camp Ruff-n-More is the place for your happy camper! We encourage you to come by and check us out or call our Johnson City location (423)929-7833 (Ruff) or our kingsport location (423)288-7833 (Ruff)

Our Prices
Day Care Prices
for one camper:
 Half Day  $11  
 Single Day  $22  
 5 Day Pass  $105  ($21/Day)
 10 Day Pass  $200  ($20/Day)
 20 Day Pass  $380.00  ($19/Day)
 30 Day Pass  $540  ($18/Day)
Additional Campers...
  • Additional campers are 1/2 off the daycare price.
  • Daycare passes can be divided into half days
$22 / day
Overnight Prices

Overnight camp charges apply per dog

Cabin $3.00/night
XL Crates *only available at Johnson City location
Jr. Suite *only available at Johnson City location
V.I.P. Suite $8.00/night
$3 / night
Bathing & Nails

We offer exit baths for dogs leaving daycare and/or boarding

1-15 lbs $12
16-30 lbs $14
31-50 lbs $16
51-75 lbs $18
76-100 lbs $20
100 lbs and up $24


We also offer nail trims

Just nail trim $18
Nail trim with exit bath $15